Acid car shampoo. The highly foaming shampoo is excellent for gantry and tunnel car washes equipped with felts and  brushes, as well as for manual car washes for washing with a sponge.
- removes mold and dirt on the brushes.
- Easily removes dirt, limescale.
- helps to neutralize the alkaline products used in the prewash program.
- prepares the car body for the best application of drying and shiny waxes
- balances the pH value of recycled water

Dosage: System with dosing pumps: E7 FLOWEY FOAM ACID used clean. The dosage and the desired result depend on the ratio of water, air and foam. Recommended 10-15 ml per car. 

Applying: Exterior

Mode of application: Breeding required

Effect: Limescale removal

Effect: Three-phase car wash

Effect: Contact car wash

Effect: Automatic car wash

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