New generation polishing paste developed on the basis of Polygrad micro abrasive crystals. Thanks to its special formula, FINE CUT POLISH is an excellent finishing polish. It gives a mirror shine without streaks and gently cleans the body. FINE CUT POLISH is the ideal solution for new or excellent condition varnish. Can be used after applying P8/P9 on older or more damaged car bodies.

Application method: Apply to the surface to be treated with a polishing machine. Treat area by area. Using a polisher with a foam pad or very soft leather, apply to the surface until the desired result is obtained. Can be applied by hand with a soft cloth and finished with A1/A2 microfiber. The result will be perfect.

Perfectly established itself as a product for detailing studios.

Volume: 1 L

Applying: Exterior

Mode of application: Ready to use

Effect: Polishing

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