Low-foam, powerful alkaline detergent.  Specially designed for tough conditions, radically dissolves dirt such as: oils, grease, soot, graphite, various petroleum derivatives, dirt of animal origin.

APPLICATIONS: Industry, metallurgy, workshops, food and agricultural industry, car parks, subways, airports, railway stations, supermarkets, garbage can cleaning, and wherever a strong cleaning agent is needed.

Surface types: Concrete, tiles, ceramics, granite, stone, resin, epoxy, polyurethane.

Regular maintenance: Dilute FT1 from 1 - 3% in the car depending on the degree of soiling, clean normally  
Heavy soiling: Dilute FT1  from 10-50%, spray on the surface to be cleaned, leave for 3-5 minutes, then clean with your scrubber.

Mode of application: Breeding required

Effect: Floor wash

Effect: Removal of oil and grease contaminants

Effect: Work area cleaning

Where to use: Concrete

Where to use: Tile

Where to use: Granite

Where to use: A rock

Where to use: Epoxy resin

Where to use: Linoleum

Application area: Industry

Application area: Car parks

Application area: Metro

Application area: Railway

Application area: Agriculture

Application area: Food industry

Application area: Waste bin cleaning

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