Contactless foam. The new generation of detergent. Especially well proved at elimination from vehicles: road dirt, insects, carbon dust of brakes. It is used for washing trucks, commercial and passenger vehicles. It is successfully applied to a preliminary car wash.

Can be used in self-service car washes

Method of application and dosage:
1. Low pressure - working solution 1 - 5%.
2. High pressure - dilute with water from 1/3 to 1/15. Can be used undiluted. Consumption per car 40 - 70 ml.
3. Automatic car wash - set the system to supply 20 - 35 ml of product per car
3. Automatic car wash - set the system to supply 20-35 ml of product per car

Applying: Exterior

Mode of application: Breeding required

Effect: Contactless car wash

Effect: Pre-wash

Effect: Three-phase car wash

Effect: Self-service car wash

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