Wax of new generation with pleasant aroma

- dries perfectly
- has the effect of "anti-rain"
- protects and betrays brilliance to the car
- restores the color of the car's paintwork
- hides minor scratches on the body     

Application: drying and protection of vehicles at hand washes, portals and tunnels.

Can be used in self-service car washes

Directions for use:
1. Manual - dilute with water from 1/80 to 1/200.
  (consumption per car 3-5 ml).
2. Automatic washing - we recommend using undiluted. Adjust the system to supply 15-20 ml of wax per vehicle.
Use hot water for best effect. X50 COATINIUM FRESH WAX is suitable for car portals and tunnels, as well as for  pressure washers. Can be used with soft water and medium hardness.

Volume: 10 L

Applying: Exterior

Mode of application: Breeding required

Effect: Contact car wash

Effect: Contactless car wash

Effect: Automatic car wash

Effect: Three-phase car wash

Effect: Self-service car wash

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