The air movement experts in our R&D lab used the Venturi effect to develop a diffuser capsule.

The chrome materials used are as close as possible to the color of the dashboard, ensuring a perfect match with your car. A subtle colored border, matched to your chosen scent, adorns the diffuser like a haute couture detail.

Perfume is supplied in exclusive capsules, providing a perfect even distribution of fragrance throughout the car interior. Liquid is not used, which eliminates the risk of getting the dashboard wet.

Available flavors:

DOUCEURS DE CAPRI - fig tree, citrus, patchouli, cedar
33 A BALI - citrus, jasmine, vanilla, cedar
SOUS LE SOLEIL DE MADAGASCAR - vanilla, cedar, jasmine, white musk
DÉCOUVERTE DU SRI-LANKA - jasmine, rose, mandarin, sandalwood
VOYAGE À NEW YORK - woody, amber, cedar, apple
PRINTEMPS A TOKYС -   iris, jasmine, citrus, lily


Persistence of aroma: 45 days