For consumer
Convenient packaging volume for personal use both with the car in the garage and for household use.
For professional
Professional range of FLOWEY products in convenient canisters of 5 l and 25 l for use in car washes, gantry washes, self-service car washes and detailing studios.
The range of FLOWEY professional products is designed for use in any sphere, for example: municipal economy, food industry, service station, HoReCa, public places, etc.
Professional ecological car care products and cleaning detergents, safe for people and the environment.
Made in Luxembourg.
Why us?
Which allows you to treat a larger area of surfaces and paintwork due to the high concentration of active substances and cleaning ability.
Economic consumption of the product and high-quality washing
The special composition makes FLOWEY® products safe, and they also have a pleasant aroma and therefore it is comfortable to work with FLOWEY®.
The product is safe for human and the environment
We individually advise each buyer of FLOWEY® products to choose and how to achieve the ideal result with its help
Quality service and customer support from FLOWEY®
The FLOWEY® brand is your confidence in tomorrow.

By using the FLOWEY® premium range, you attract more customers and increase the profit of your business.

Due to the increased content of active substances, the consumption of the product is much less than similar products of other manufacturers. Also, FLOWEY® products are safe for the exterior and interior of the car, employees and the environment.
About us
Canisters of 1/5/25 l, for use in manual, portal, tunnel, self-service car washes and detailing studios
The range of FLOWEY premium products for professional cleaning is designed for use in all areas
Convenient packaging volume for personal use both with the car in the garage and for household use
For consumer
For professional
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