«СKAT WASH» LLC - Exclusive importer of FLOWEY - car cosmetics and professional chemicals for carwash and cleaning
Founded in 1990 in Luxembourg, FLOWEY® is a registered trademark that has become synonymous with innovation and quality in car cleaning products throughout Europe. The key values of FLOWEY® are innovation, quality, efficiency. These values form the basis of FLOWEY®'s ongoing dialogue with its customers and partners.
About us
Why us?
for professional car care, as well as a series for car enthusiasts
Wide range of innovative products
The presence of representative offices and branches on almost all continents of the planet
Developed dealer network around the world
Investing in business with FLOWEY is safety, environmental friendliness and innovation
FLOWEY is your reliable partner
For car enthusiasts
For professional carwash and detailing
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Frequently asked Questions
Where is the factory located?
The factory is located in Luxembourg - one of the richest and most developed countries in the world.
What volume of products do you produce? Is private label possible?
The plant produces more than 40 tons of products daily. Yes, private label ordering is possible.
What are the terms and conditions of delivery?
Depending on the location of the customer. Sending / shipment occurs on the day of the order, or the next day.
Do you provide training?
We conduct training. There are several location options:

1. Our employee comes to you.
2. You come to us.
3. If you are our dealer or corporate customer, training is possible at the plant in Luxembourg.
How do your products affect the environment?
FLOWEY products have a number of certificates from European countries, which guarantees the highest quality and safety of all products.
Are you developing your dealer network?
Yes, we are developing a dealer network and we will be glad to new contacts.

+38 (067) 374-03-00

+38 (044) 583-03-19

st. Magnitogorska 1e,
Kyiv, Ukraine
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Mon-Fri: 09:00 - 18:00

Sat-Sun: Closed
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