For consumer
Convenient packaging volume for personal use both with the car in the garage and for household use.
For professional
Professional range of FLOWEY products in convenient canisters of 5 l and 25 l for use in car washes, gantry washes, self-service car washes and detailing studios.
The range of FLOWEY professional products is designed for use in any sphere, for example: municipal economy, food industry, service station, HoReCa, public places, etc.
In 1990, Philippe Florio and Simon Weinachter decided to create FLOWEY® in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The company, specializing in the production of cleaning products, has become a symbol of quality and innovation in the production of car care and cleaning products throughout Europe.

Our core values are quality, efficiency, compatibility and innovation. These values form the basis for the continuous interaction between FLOWEY® and its customers and partners.
Quality certificates
Made in Luxembourg
When offering FLOWEY® products to our customers, we make every effort to develop and support the required level of service within their own business.

Our know-how helps our partners become experts in the field of car care and cleaning, while our goal is to satisfy our customers' desire to maintain perfect cleanliness in everything.

FLOWEY® develops by manufacturing several lines of professional products that are dominant products in various countries of the European Union and beyond.

FLOWEY® products, "Made in Luxembourg" - comply with the latest EU laws on health and safety and the environment.

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